When BSW Snowballed Me

One of the downsides of turning BSW into a cum sucking whore (the only downside) was that if my cum is so sacred (as I’d argued) then why didn’t I get in on the action. She then proceeded to tell me about a girlfriend of her’s who mentioned that her husband can’t wait to suck his cum out of her mouth.

I’ve long told BSW that she can do anything to me. I love her, I trust her and anything she wants to do sexually to me she can. Secretly there were three things that I didn’t want to do, first was anything with feces and the other was snowballing. BSW doesn’t know anything about fecalphilia and she assumes pegging would be the thing I would most be opposed to (even though I’ve suggested it before).

So being a man of my word I told her that I would do that for her, but since I didn’t make her swallow the first time I came in her mouth that meant I didn’t have to swallow the first time she snowballed me. She agreed and later that night we were both buttnaked and she was sucking the hell out of my cock. When I felt myself cumming I was hoping for just a tiny orgasm, but she made sure that I drained every last drop from me.

She gave a tightlipped smile and slipped into my lap and positioned her arms around my neck. I put my lips to her and she let it run into my mouth. I let my cum pool underneath my tongue, gave her a weak smile and spit it into the sheet. I thought she would be disappointed but she thought it was so sexy that she tried to revive my flaccid piece.

Since then I did it once more just to show her I meant it when I said I’d do anything for her. I came in her mouth, pulled her head up to mine and just sucked it out. I didn’t swallow, but I think if she wanted me to I could do it for her.