Things a Drunk BSW will Do for Me

BSW doesn’t drink that much. She drinks regularly, but she’s usually done after one and only occasionally will have two. Every blue moon she’ll knock back four or five and that’s when it gets interesting for me.

Most times she’s shy, but when she’s drunk she’ll dance for me in whatever ridiculous negligee I pull out of our box of naughties. Not only that but she’ll dance for a lot longer than when she’s sober. Most times it’s a seductive wiggle, rhythmically bending over a couple of times, then hopping in bed to begin the more physical foreplay, but when she’s drunk she’ll go for ten fifteen minutes. Plus, she’ll masturbate before me, which she usually won’t do when she dances sober. And finally, she likes me to stroke myself when she’s dancing drunk. She feels like I’m judging her when she’s sober and dancing and I’m stroking my cock (crazy girl thoughts) so she doesn’t like me to do it. So when she has that third drink my mind starts to go through all the things I get to do.

Another thing I get to do to a drunk BSW is anal sex. Like I said in my anal omnibus, when BSW drinks her anus is uber receptive to the cock. Just add lube and she’s rip roaring to go. Now whenever I hand her another drink she looks at me and asks, “Why? What do you think you’re doing tonight?” A couple of months ago I answered, “Whatever I want.” and she looked at me, shurgged, took the drink and said, “Yeah, you’re right.” I should update our Anal Sex History again (I have two more stories, but I’d like to get a third in if I can).

It’s rarer that she’ll drink too much at a restaurant, but every time she does I get a blow job on the way home. Once I got her to take an article of clothing off at every stoplight. By the time we got home all she was wearing was her socks (Yes, anytime we play any sort of strip game BSW takes her socks off last).

One time when she’d had two too many I found her brushing her teeth while sitting on the floor, because she was too drunk to stand. I asked if she were too drunk to fuck and she waived me over, undid my pants, and started sucking. Right before I was about to cum she leaned over to the toilet and puked.

I don’t know why I told that story. BSW will be pissed about it.

The final think BSW will do when she’s drunk is look for porn. Usually she’ll just ask if I want to look at porn with her, which means she wants me to find porn for her. She’s very particular about the sort of porn she likes, except when she’s drunk. When she’s drunk her taste in porn is at a fifteen year old boy level. Normally when she looks at porn it’s too get a little hot and then to go get into bed, but when she’s drunk and wants to look at porn, she just wants to look at porn, so while it’s somewhat fun to sit next too her while she clicks on lame porn vid after lame porn vid I usually just go to bed. She brings herself to orgasm in the wee hours and flops into bed afterwards with her mind filled with enormous cocks and jiggly saucy bouncy breasts.